Create Ink Drawings with CONFIDENCE

  Don’t you just love how impressive a well-done ink artwork looks? It is pretty cool how much expression one can put into drawings with just a pen and paper. It is absolutely amazing.
My name is Benjamin Aeilkema and I’m an Illustrator and Artist from The Netherlands. I love creating Artworks with all kinds of materials, but one of my favorite forms of art for sure is working with ink.

Using a pen, fineliner or any media with ink can be very intimidating. The pen is unforgiving, what’s on the paper, stays on the paper and a mistake is easily made. Over the past few years I met many people who struggle to get started with ink for a number of reasons. Others get started, but get stuck along the way. Getting stuck like that isn’t motivating at all!

Some of the struggles people have shared with me.....

It definitely looks awesome, but how in the world do I get my pictures to look that way? I mean, I can handle the outlining, but taking it a step further – making a picture come alive, is a totally different.
When I try to shade with ink, I mess up my whole drawing. Even when I manage to prevent disaster from happening, the outcome just looks very plain and way too simple. Not that impressive at all!

I tried following some tutorials to help me out. It went right over my head; it was too complicated. Leaving me more frustrated than when I began. In other videos they only showed just a little part of the techniques needed to make a great looking work. This left me stuck half way through, not knowing how to apply it and actually make it work.

So yes, a well-done work with ink looks awesome, but I sure don’t know what it takes to get such results. What I do know, is that I’m not making it happen! If anything, it just seems very hard, intimidating and complicated to make a nice piece of art with this medium!

A number of years ago I found myself facing the same struggles. Nevertheless, I somehow was convinced that I could discover the right techniques to conquer these challenges. Techniques to unlock the mystery of making beautiful, expressive ink artworks. Without it having to be as complicated as it seemed.
Guess what? Once I figured out what these very specific techniques are, I developed ways to master them. You will be glad to hear that these ways are actually not that hard at all.
Now I greatly enjoy working with ink and with all kinds of different ink-based tools. But just a simple, regular pen and a piece of paper are enough to make a drawing that can WoW people and put a big smile on their face. I love how much you can accomplish with such a simple medium, if you just know the right techniques and the right way to apply them.
In this Art Class you will discover exactly what it takes to make ink drawings that have the desired WoW-factor.

So, are you ready to unlock your capacity to create beautiful ink drawings?

  • Enjoy this specially designed Mastering-Ink-Method which will take you beyond the places where many get stuck
  • Discover what the very specific techniques are to create really expressive artworks with just paper and ink
  • Strengthen your basic skills and take your work to the next level with advanced techniques
  • We’ll work on topics like: sketching, light, shading, shadows, focus and more
  • Gain understanding of the necessary theory with very plain and understandable step-by-step video lessons
  • Directly apply your newly gained insights to assignments this course will walk you through
  • Become confident in knowing how to apply your newly acquired skills and gained understanding to your very own art pieces

This Inking Art Class is a great addition to your art journey!

Enrolling in this Art Class will give you 14 video lessons with clear instructions and examples. In these videos, I will be sharing my ink art secrets with you. You will greatly benefit from my decades long experience as an instructor and teacher.
My easy to follow teaching method will help you to understand exactly how to get from point A to point B. The in-depth demos make even the more complicated matters easy to understand and apply.
The skill level advancing assignments are all truly focused on helping you grow. They’re fun to do, allowing you to keep on discovering new potentials. You will be equipped to explore so many wonderful ways to make amazing ink artworks ALL ON YOUR OWN!
While my journey lasted for years, you now get instant access to my secrets. As you gain from my “pain”, you will be pleased to see how quickly you improve and grow.
You’re given the opportunity to enjoy this journey together with others. There’s a private Facebook group where you can share your creations and interact with others. It is also the place to go to with your questions. I will be there on a regular basis to comment, interact, share and help.

There's more......

Bonus #1: Great Time Savers in PDF format

To help you save time, I’m providing you with Templates. These templates quickly get you going, without the need of having to redraw the assignments in the videos. Just print out the template you need and you’re set. This helps you to stay focused on the lesson, rather than being slowed down by extra work.
Once you’ve completed an assignment, there’s no need to re-watch the video lesson. Instead, all of the answers are in a handy booklet. Just find the lesson you’re on and compare your work to the finished assignment in the book. Again, this will save you time and allow you to keep on going.

Bonus #2: Go Even Deeper

On top of that I have added some extra topics
Topic #1: Go Bold. Ink art can be created with various styles. This bonus will add an extra style to the Art Class. You will learn to go bold with ink, creating lot’s of contrast. A stepping stone to begin creating your own style.
Topic #2: Textures and Patterns. This bonus will show you how to enhance your ink works with patterns and textures. These will add an extra dimension to your work, making it even more stunning.
The templates to master the discoveries in these bonus videos are included in bonus #1.

Bonus #3: Case Studies

The third bonus I’m giving you, is that I’ve enclosed some Case Studies. The case studies will show you how I use all of these Inking Art Class techniques in my own personal work. This way you can benefit even more from my expertise.

See you inside

Normally this Art Class is €40, but now for ONLY €15 you instantly gain access to this great Art Class and all of it’s bonuses. Click the button below to become an Inking Master.

Questions customers have been asking:

Isn’t working with ink quite the same as working with a pencil?

No, working with a pen is actually very different and requires some unique inking techniques to get the outcome you’re hoping for.

How long will it take me to go through this course from start to finish?

Going through the video’s and applying what you’ve discovered in the assignments takes the average person 20 – 30 hours.

Drawings done with ink look very intimidating and complicated to me. I suppose it is really hard to learn, right?

If you try to apply the same techniques as you would use with for example drawing or painting, these techniques do not translate well and the outcome won’t look right. This gives the impression that real nice ink drawings are hard to do. But once you know the right techniques, it’s a different ballgame all together.

Of course, these special techniques could also be presented in a complicated way. But I’ve found a method that makes these lessons very understandable and obtainable.

Every time I try to figure out light and shadows in my drawings, they end up looking totally wrong. This seems to be an important part of ink drawings, so will this course help me with this problem?

You are absolutely right that light and shadows play a major role in creating a lively effect in ink drawings. I am very aware of the fact that many people struggle with this part and find it complicated. Some courses simply avoid this topic, not willing to deal with the “harder issues”.

 I’m convinced that I’ve found a way to explain the things you do need to know about this topic. It’s done in such a way that it will become clear to you and help you create great effects in your artworks.

For how long will I have access to the Art Class once I purchase it

When you purchase the Art Class you will have lifetime access to the content.

Do I need to be at a certain level to do this Art Class?

This course is suitable for beginners as well as intermediate artists.

To me theory lessons seem really boring and I don’t care too much about knowing all those kinds of things. I just want to be able to make nice artworks. How much of this course is actually theoretical?

I understand your concern of theory being really boring. Quite frankly, it can be – especially when it is presented in a complicated manner. When it is not clear how it applies to the artwork you’re doing it can also be boring or even frustrating.

Now of course I do cover the theory behind the inking techniques. Only approximately 10% of the course is totally focused on theory. You could always choose to skip that part, but you could actually be surprised how useful and helpful this information is….

I want to learn how to work with ink, but don’t want to invest into materials until I know for sure it’s for me.

Well, the good news is that you can complete this entire course with just a simple regular pen and normal piece of paper. Once you know you enjoy working with ink, it is nice to get some different kind of tools, to have some variation in your options.

I cannot draw well myself, but would love to be able to make a nice inked work from an existing drawing. Do I need to be able to draw, to benefit from this course?

All the assignments come with printable sheets, so it is not a problem at all if you can’t draw.

Do I need to be talented to benefit from this Art Class?

You don’t need tons of talent to be amazing. If you follow this Inking Art Class, your hidden potential will be unlocked. Get ready to amaze yourself and to show off your beautiful artwork to those around you.